[Sidefx-houdini-list] H13 with newer NVidia drivers on Win 8.1?

Craig Hoffman craigleehoffman at aol.com
Thu Nov 21 12:11:24 EST 2013

Anyone having weirdness with latest drivers on Win 8.1?  I am running H13.0.198 on GeForce 331.82 drivers and having some issues with occasional crashing when doing things like selecting and moving points in the Viewport (among other things).

I tried to go back to an earlier driver that was the last one recommended by Side Effects I believe (V320.14) but my machine acted real strange and shut off while doing it so I abandoned that effort...  

PC config:   Win 8.1 and GeForce 331.82 on Core i7 with GeForce 580 and 32 GB RAM.


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