[Sidefx-houdini-list] HQueue | Writing Custom Submitter

Nick Nimble nick at nicknimble.com
Sat Nov 9 12:07:52 EST 2013

One of the current mysteries that I'm facing is how does HQueue know 
about the source .hip file and which output driver it needs to render.

When I look at a normal mantra render job in HQ, the properties of the 
.ifd childjob has a HQPARMS in the environment section which seems to 
contain this information. I can't find any mention of it in the HQueue 
help how ever.

Any idea's?

Nick, be Nimble
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On 11/9/13 5:50 PM, Nick Nimble wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm making an attempt to create my own HQueue submitter. One of the 
> features that I'm looking at is the ability to do 'pickup' render 
> jobs. A Job has finished and some specific frames have failed for some 
> reason. Say I want to re render frame 17, 57 and 102, I need to submit 
> a parent job which has a child job that generates 3 ifd's for those 
> frames and then 3 other child jobs that render those frames using Mantra.
> I hope there is someone on the list who has some experience with this. 
> For me it would be of great help if I could print/see the final 
> command that is send from the HQueue render node to the server. This 
> way I could reverse engineer the system.
> I've found that in the Houdini path there is a dir 
> houdini/scripts/hqueue/hqlib.py and by glancing it it seems the 
> functionallity of converting a string to frame numbers already exists.
> So I wonder: "What happens when the 'render' button on the HQueue 
> render node is triggered"

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