[Sidefx-houdini-list] 4 render play back in mantra

steven ong steve_nong at pointy.tv
Tue Nov 5 02:09:25 EST 2013

Hey Adrian,

You want to use the Sequence List to check the sequence in each view. 
Type Alt+L to bring up the dialog, click in each view to make sure it 
has a green outline then select the sequence you want in that view.

Sometimes, the views all get the same sequence so you have to set it up 

Hope the above helps.


On 11/04/2013 22:15, Adrian Lee wrote:
> Hi .hipsters,
> Is there a way to play back 4 rendered/saved out wedges in the column view
> of mplay. I know you can do 4 new flipbooks but there doesn't seem to be a
> way to change buffers if you have already saved out the frames.
> Cheers
> Ed

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