[Sidefx-houdini-list] 3d Printing and Houdini

Bruno Pollet br1 at br1.org
Mon Jan 14 02:38:54 EST 2013

Hi Rob,

I already printed a few models generated in Houdini.  You basically just 
export an obj file that can later on be converted to stl for printing. 
I'm printing at home or from a Belgian shop, so I'm not sure which 
format shapeways.com support but I have the feeling you'll be fine with 
You have to take care of a few things.  You want to make sure your obj 
is watertight else it could end up printing as thin wall instead of 
solid object.  Then you have to worry about scale, but I think it can be 
usually be adjusted after you upload your model to your printing service.

If you have more specific questions I'll be glad to answer (or at leasdt 
try !).


On 1/14/2013 7:34 AM, east.robert wrote:
> Hi All,
>            Does anyone happen to of used Houdini for any 3d printing and
> happen to have any experiences to share ? . I really don't know the stock
> standard CAD applications well enough to produce a 3d cad model  but noted
> at http://www.shapeways.com/  you can use Houdini  ! .
> regards
> Rob

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