[Sidefx-houdini-list] render different volumes with takes or nodes ?

Bruno Pollet br1 at br1.org
Wed Jan 9 11:19:24 EST 2013

Hey Jordan,

Just out of curiosity, which program are you using to handle the render 
? I'm currently rendering directly from Houdini.  I didn't search too 
much but I haven't seen the option to render all the takes of the same 
node in one go. Or is it automatic as soon as you have nmultiple takes ? 
In that case can we disable takes from being rendered ?

On 1/9/2013 5:13 PM, Jordan Halsey wrote:
> I am curious as to what is the benefit to the multiple mantra nodes
> here...I have a scene with nine takes and one Mantra node. The one Mantra
> node has all my render settings. When I change takes all I do change the
> render paths and file names. I submit my render and get back my nine takes
> just fine with one node. In each take the Mantra node acts like a reference
> copy until I change a parameter which also allows me to adjust some
> settings on a per take basis in one node.
> If it is better to use multiple referenced Mantra nodes I would like to
> know why.

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