[Sidefx-houdini-list] Transform Alembic /obj level geometry

Nick Nimble nick at nicknimble.com
Mon Dec 23 07:56:27 EST 2013


I'm trying the Alembic exchange workflow in Houdini and so far I love 
it. Nevertheless I'm wondering if I'm the only one who is missing 
transform parameters when importing archives at object level that 
contains a object hierarchy.

I completely understand the lack transform parameters when, in larger in 
a studio environment, you use Alembic to import def animated geometry. 
How ever, what is the approach when you get some model out of Maya 
through Alembic that needs to be repositioned and/or animated? During 
the modeling process most pivot points and orientations of groups have 
been set, but currently it seems to me that all this is lost during the 
Alembic exchange.

Looking forwards to your thoughts and hopefully a workaround.

Nick, be Nimble
+31 622 4243 94 | www.nicknimble.com | www.facebook.com/nicknimble

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