[Sidefx-houdini-list] Simulating using HQueue in H13

Nick Nimble nick at nicknimble.com
Thu Dec 12 06:51:32 EST 2013


Just would like to a headsup to those who use HQueue for simulations. If 
you notice that your sims run exponentially slower on the farm with 
HQueue in H13, this because of a new Dependency Order parameter on the 
the advanced tab of the HQueue simulation ROP.

It's default set to Frame by Frame, causing you simulations to start one 
first frame for every frame. So before it can output frame 2 it has to 
recompute frame 1 and so on. Turns out that you have to set the 
Dependency Order parameter to Node by Node in order to get the behavior 
you're used to in previous versions.

I don't know what is the point of simulating things frame by frame, but 
apparently in some crooked way it makes sense to set it to Frame by 
Frame by default, other wise it wouldn't it be the default would it? ;-)

Nick, be Nimble
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