[Sidefx-houdini-list] Mantra with deep EXR for holdout (from other renderers)

Kiyoshi Abe kiyoabe at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 09:59:07 EST 2013

Hi Halfdan-san,

I've just submitted this problem to 'supoort at sidefx.com'.
I hope the file I sent could help you solve my problem, though I'm not sure
could arrive in Tronto without any problems.
Anyway, thanks for your help.

Many Thanks,

2013/12/4 Halfdan Ingvarsson <halfdan at sidefx.com>

> Hello Kiyoshi-san
> mantra (and Houdini, by extension) writes out deep OpenEXR images using
> the standard OpenEXR naming convention for the opacity and depth channels
> (i.e. RA/GA/BA and Z, respectively).
> The one difference is that we don't write out a ZBack, but then again, we
> don't interpret it either. This is on our TODO list, since it makes hard to
> distinguish between volumes and hard surfaces.
> However, it's difficult for me to know whether VRay and 3Delight are
> writing out images we can't read, or we're not reading the images properly.
> In my tests, I generated a deep EXR holdout images in Nuke, which worked
> well.
> Do you mind logging a bug with support, including a sample scene and the
> relevant images generated by the two renderers? I'll have a look as soon as
> I can.
> All the best,
>  - ½
> On 13-11-22 01:24 PM, KIYOSHI ABE wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I have a problem with mantra rendering with deep EXR images which were
>> generated with other renderers for holdout(Houdini 13 on Linux).
>> Using RAT or deep EXR rendered with "Deep Resolver" : "Deep Camera Map" on
>> mantra ROP can render images with holdout which I want. I set "Background
>> Images" on View tab in mantra node to these deep images and turned on
>> "Background Images as Matte".
>> Instead of mantra generated deep images, I tried to use Open EXR deep
>> images from VRay and 3delight for the holdout. However mantra didn't seem
>> to recognise  them and rendered images "without" holdout.
>> These images with other renderers have different name channels. I
>> suspected
>>   this naming issue caused that mantra wasn't able to render with holdout.
>> So I tried to rename channel names with COP. But COP didn't deal with deep
>> images, Nuke 7 can not rename channels either. (Nuke7, I couldn't find
>> "shuffle" for deep images. )
>> Have anyone had same issue and sorted? Or is there any other reason for
>> this?
>> Kind Regards,
>> Kiyoshi
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