[Sidefx-houdini-list] HE pintoanimation

Nick Nimble nick at nicknimble.com
Sun Dec 1 12:35:02 EST 2013

Currently I'm directly affecting the velocity of the points I like to 
animate, (basically feeding the difference between the cur pos and the 
target position, limited by the length of the distance so avoid 
overshoot, to v) in a SOP Solver and this seems to do the trick as a 
proof of concept.

Though I'm still curious if anyone can enlighten me on the 
pintoanimation subject.

Nick, be Nimble
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On 01/12/13 18:07, Nick Nimble wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm trying to pull a squishy object into two pieces. I would like to 
> animate the two ends and have what is in between handled by the solver.
> I figured I would animate the Target Geometry and use the 
> pintoanimation attribute to tell the solver which points need to be 
> matched to the Target Geometry and which should be exposed to forces. 
> To me it seems the pintoanimation attribute acts more as a soft vs 
> hard-constrain. Where I'm looking for an absolute influence control.
> Any ideas?

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