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Thanks for the prompt answer.

On 29 Apr 2013, at 16:36, Robert Magee <rmagee at sidefx.com> wrote:

> There are a few options:
> 1) Make sure all the channels you want to copy and paste are scoped. Channel groups and lists are probably the best way to ensure this. (http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1859&Itemid=257). In the Timeline, press shift-LMB to select the region you want to select from. RMB-click in the timeline and select Copy. Go to your second rig and make sure all the channels are scoped. You may need to set a single keyframe on all the channels to ensure this. RMB-click in the timeline and select Paste. This can feel a bit like a leap of faith but it does work and may take a while if you have lots of keys and lots of channels. 

This may be the nicest option, not ideal I have to scope channels and keyframe the character but I guess that is alright.

Coming from Softimage XSI where you just select the character in tree mode (picking everything inside) and clicking Store pose and then Apply Action (without key framing) is so straight forward it seems Houdini could do with a bit more refinement there…  :-)

> 2) Set up channel groups for the channels you want to copy and paste. With all the animated objects selected, you will have all the channels scoped. Go to the Channel List and RMB-click and select Create Group from Scoped. Now RMB-click on the channels themselves and select "Motion Effects > Create Clip." This puts all your keys into a keyframe CHOP and adds a stretch CHOP. In CHOPS you can then point the channels to your second rig instead of the first and your motion will be copied. Motion FX lets you do other cool things if you want to.

Would this be a possible route to have an animation clip library? let's say a character with some standard poses? (face animation for example would benefit a lot from it)

> 3) If you set up your rigs as digital assets then you can RMB-click on your asset node in the network view and select "Change Type." Choose the second rig and all the motion from the first moves to the second. This is more of a transfer rather than a copy and paste but if your goal is to animate the second rig then this may be your best choice.

Well, the rig is in development so I am not creating a digital asset yet, everything is embedded in the scene… may be I should look at it…

My goal really is to match the pose from rig A, as I have a few characters I would like to have the auto rig hands and all the other controls lined up fast for then tweak as necessary.


I must confess the auto rig is very well done and thoughtful, posing a character and weighting it from scratch takes me less than 1 day and the results are very nice indeed…

I have come to love the side effect of the paint weighting in conjunction with node based approach.. where I am assuming the character is symmetric and then a second pain node to fix the asymmetric elements, truly a time saver… easily I am saving a day or two just because of this...

My only critique (constructive) would be to address the shoulder area of the rig, IMHO shoulder control should be driven by rotations rather than translations (the selection is actually tricky too as it is now) and the proxy mesh to have shoulders moving is essential.

Also the weight painting tool needs a bit of love, not very accurate and the toolset has some design issues (painting, erasing, softening should be three brushes that don't share parameter values) I may be softening with opacity of 0.2 but painting with 0.05 and the radius could be different. Something that happens ALL the time.

Thanks a lot Robert,


> Hope this helps,
> Robert
> If the rigs are digital assets then you could do a 
> On 2013-04-29, at 10:18 AM, Jordi Bares <jordibares at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
>> Is there a fast and easy way to copy/paste all the values of the transformation for a rig onto another? obviously assuming the same exact hierarchy and naming… using auto rig basically.
>> Seems some of the most basic animation tools are not really there and it is very strange, for example, reading the manual talks about the pose library about I have not found a decent example of how that works.
>> thx
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