[Sidefx-houdini-list] Call for Presenters: VHUG 2013

Peter Bowmar pbowmar at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 00:15:51 EST 2012


The Vancouver Houdini User's Group is looking for presenters to round
out the 2013 VHUG schedule.

We are interested in anything Houdini related. This can be "simple"
tips and tricks that you as a user find helpful, or advanced deep
networks of uber-coolness.

Integration with other applications is also very interesting. We run a
positive, non-app-bashing meeting since we're all pros and know that
there is value in all applications.

Presentations are around 1/2 hour, and we try to do 2 each evening.

VHUG meets roughly every 2 months. We hope to start in Jan 2013 and we
meet at various studios around Vancouver.

So far we've met at Method Studios, Digital Domain, Pixar Vancouver,
and CG Masters Academy. If you have a screening room that can handle
40+ people and may be able to host, please also let me know!

I personally am interested in having people who are new to Houdini
present how they've learned it, what made it "click" and how they see
it with fresh eyes compared to us older geezers.

If you have any interest in presenting, or know someone who might be
but needs some persuasion, please let me know!


Peter B

--No, I am not on Facebook.

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