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Im not %100 sure where the physical servers are located, but there were a  couple of minor outages after/during the hurrican, has not been a problem since or never in the 4 years before -- I just verified its working.... please drop me an email off list .. dan at dansportfolio.com with any errors you are having, OS, and browser so I can sift logs and contact the host provider if necesary.

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Website does not work for me.

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>I posted a short two part blog on configuration basics using setting a viewport gradient as an example. Its another one thats probably a little basic for many on this list, and involves no scripting/code. I am currently working on entires for the next series of posts that involve a bit of matrix manipulation, but wanted to fill in the gap with something simple.
>If anyone finds any of the entries not clear or too detailed or too base
>or anything please let me know, so I can take it in to account when I
>write future tutorials. Feedback is always appreciated.
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