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I was browsing the instructions via the link and just though id throw out there, where it is recommended to copy to the students, it might be preferable if you are friendly with the IT guys or want to finesse it to point to a shared storage place in the class room to utilize HOUDINI_DESK_PATH, I THINK you can use a NOSAVE extension on it like you can with shelves and this would save the issue mentioned of the playbar and others getting overridden to default, allow a centralized location for updating the desktop and make it safe for students to blow away their local copy when things get mucky.... just as a thought.

Thanks for sharing Phil, and the instructions on creating the desk on its own also make a pretty good tutorial on how to set up a custom desktop in itself.

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I have created a website that demonstrates the Creation Desk: 


This is a custom UI that I have been using to teach Houdini here at the NCCA, which I have been developing over the past few years. The Creation Desk calms the Houdini UI down making it simple for new Houdini users to understand, as well as giving a clear UI for teaching. It presents Houdini as a book.

After discussions with SESI's Kim Davidson and Cristin Barghiel, they have asked me to formally pusblish this work to other Houdini Instructors so feedback about this custom UI can be gathered. 

If you have access to the Houdini Forum > Instructors area, you will find a similar posting to this email, but with Preference Folders attached for both Houdini 11 & 12 that will automatically configure the Creation Desk for you. Alternatively, for Houdini Artists without access to the Instructors forum, the website gives instructions about how to make a Creation Desk from scratch. 

While the Creation Desk is primarily aimed at Houdini Instructors, all Houdini Artists are welcome to use this resource.

I whole heartedly recommend using the Creation Desk for both teaching and production. It is fast, simple, clear and efficient. I would therefore be extremely grateful if any other Houdini Instructors would road test this UI and give feedback to the Creation Desk topic thread on the Instructors Forum. I am also happy to have feedback shared on the email list, or you can contact me directly about the Creation Desk by email (pspicer at bournemouth.ac.uk).

I will keep updating the website every so often, with new bits and pieces relating to the Creation Desk, when I am able to do so... 

Kind regards, 


Philip Spicer 
Programme Coordinator - MA Digital Effects 
National Centre for Computer Animation 
Bournemouth University - UK 

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