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It might be best to decide what it is you want to accomplish with code/scripts first. ie you prob wouldnt go out an buy a hammer because you want to build 'something' but rather decide you want to focus on birdhouses, or roofing etc.. then decide which tools are best for the job.

Houdini has many languages you can use including hscript/expressions, hython/hom, c++/hdk, VEX, and a bunch of slightly more obscure ones which I believe include java, tcl and others.  If you like shaders, VEX would be the most useful and make an easy transition to RSL for renderman and a slightly less easy transition to metaSL.  If you want to right pipline scripts python/qt may be yourbest friend, but for plugs that need to handle alot of data to slow compared to C++. For day to day use for expressions the older hscript expression may be a good place to start (although python has near replaced hscript for most pipeline and parsing script %90 of the expressions i have encountered are still in hscript).

Sooo.. Id decide on a project first and then choose the best tool for the job. Trying to grasp it all at once can be just as overwhelming as trying to learn the whole app at once from the gui standpoint instead of focusing on a single context intially.

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For computer graphics, the main language is C++ (to do plug-ins, efficient shaders...)/

At a higher level, Python is also used so that artists can be able to code (inside the 3D software, or just to do some utilities scripts).

The low level languages are CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL...
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