[Sidefx-houdini-list] Multiple VRAYprocedural-files

Mark Elendt mark at sidefx.com
Thu Jan 19 12:44:05 EST 2012

VRAYprocedural is processed by CPP.

I'd create a site-wide file, say "MyPlugins.inc" which contained
something like:

--- CUT-HERE ------ CUT-HERE ------ CUT-HERE --- 
#define DRIVE /myDrive

#if defined(WIN32)

// Always include plug-in A.  If the caller hasn't specified a
// particular version, use the latest.
#define LATEST_A_VERSION 1.3.4
#if !defined(A_VERSION)

#if defined(A_VERSION)

#if defined(B_VERSION)
--- CUT-HERE ------ CUT-HERE ------ CUT-HERE --- 

Then, since you need control on a per-shot basis, I'd create a
VRAYprocedural file for each shot, with something like:

--- CUT-HERE ------ CUT-HERE ------ CUT-HERE --- 
#define A_VERSION 1.2.0
#define B_VERSION 1.5.3
#include "/myDrive/MyPlugins.inc"
--- CUT-HERE ------ CUT-HERE ------ CUT-HERE --- 

Of course, since the path is searched according to the HOUDINI_PATH,
you can have different VRAYprocedural files at each level.  So,
site-wide, you could have one set of procedurals, then override them
as needed on a per-show/per-shot basis.

That's how I'd do it, though I'm sure there are other approaches.

On Thursday Jan 19 at 18:00, Sebastian H. Schmidt wrote:
> Hi All,
> i'm running into a problem where I have mutiple VRAYprocedural files, which
> are somewhere in the $HOUDINI_PATH.
> and the $HOUDINI_PATH changes depending what i'm doing
> so sometimes i have
> /myDrive/myPluginA-1.2.0/VRAYprocedural
> /myDrive/myPluginB-1.5.3/VRAYprocedural
> /myDrive/myPluginC-0.2.3/VRAYprocedural
> and another time i have
> /myDrive/myPluginA-1.3.0/VRAYprocedural
> /myDrive/myPluginF-2.5.3/VRAYprocedural
> /myDrive/myPluginC-0.7.0/VRAYprocedural
> etc.
> BUT i'm only alowed to have one VRAYprocedural. :/
> I cant build one general VRAYprocedural,  because the version-numbers &
> plugins  are changing depending even on a shot-basis.
> Am I the first who encountered this ?
> Does anybody have an idea how this can be solved ?
> Thanks for your help!
> Seb
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