[Sidefx-houdini-list] non gui acees to new operator type

Dan Schneider eyevex at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 17:45:16 EST 2012

Im looking for away to run command similar to those in the File ->  New Operator Type menu. In particular, Vex builder but others would be useful in the future as well.
It seems when I look in the xml for the menu it runs the id h.newotl which is from the hotkey file "h"

Any idea where the actual script that get ran lives and if its accessable?
Are these just commandline flags to vcc ? -- It would seem likely, but I have been unable to get a combination the produces and empty vop in an OTL like New Operator Type -> VexBuilder...

any leads on how to do this or find the code that gets ran to look at would be great. Thanks ahead for your thoughts.


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