[Sidefx-houdini-list] Old .bgeo & .geo format

Mark Elendt mark at sidefx.com
Thu Apr 26 06:26:45 EDT 2012

You can also save out directly to:
Houdini 11 also reads/writes this extension.  For example:
    % gconvert foo.geo foo.bhclassic

The environment variable is more pervasive, so that .hip files will be
saved using the older .bgeo/.geo format.

Please note that the older .bgeo format doesn't support all features
of the new geometry library.  It would likely be better to not use the
environment variable and just use .bhclassic when needed.  Just my
opinion of course.

On Wednesday Apr 25 at 23:28, Lucas Luke Hetherington wrote:
> Hey,
> With Houdini 12 is there a way to write to the old .bgeo and .geo
> formats rather than the new JSON style?
> Thanks.
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