[Sidefx-houdini-list] Exporting parameters from an OTL, to an image plane.

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Wed Apr 18 22:36:04 EDT 2012

     To export a value in your shader as an image plane it does need a input. 
A simple test would be to crack open a mantra surface shader create a simple color parameter and then create a export parameter. In your Rop add the export parameter you just created then render. 


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On 19/04/2012, at 12:08 PM, Campbell McGrouther <campbell.mcgrouther at rsp.com.au> wrote:

> Hey all.
> I have been trying to revive an old OTL I made a couple of years back, that simply had a bunch of parameters that were exported from a shader, to image planes. This seems to no longer work, and can be basically replicated by doing the following:
> Create a mantraSurface.
> Add an image plane set to 'diffuse_color_export'
> Render. You'll see a result here ...
> Select the 'diffuse_color_export' parameter node and convert it to a subnet.
> Render. You'll see a result here ...
> Take the subnet, and 'Create Digital Asset'.
> Render. Now you get no result.
> This confuses me, as I'm sure it used to work fine. I can force the OTL to export those parameters by hooking them up to an output, and feeding them into something else, but that's not ideal.
> The 'surfaceModel' seems to be able to work as an OTL, and export the parameters like 'direct_diffuse' just fine, so I'm stuck as to why it wont work for me.
> Thanks!
> Campbell.
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