[Sidefx-houdini-list] Exporting parameters from an OTL, to an image plane.

Campbell McGrouther campbell.mcgrouther at rsp.com.au
Wed Apr 18 22:08:37 EDT 2012

Hey all.

I have been trying to revive an old OTL I made a couple of years back, 
that simply had a bunch of parameters that were exported from a shader, 
to image planes. This seems to no longer work, and can be basically 
replicated by doing the following:

Create a mantraSurface.
Add an image plane set to 'diffuse_color_export'
Render. You'll see a result here ...
Select the 'diffuse_color_export' parameter node and convert it to a 
Render. You'll see a result here ...
Take the subnet, and 'Create Digital Asset'.
Render. Now you get no result.

This confuses me, as I'm sure it used to work fine. I can force the OTL 
to export those parameters by hooking them up to an output, and feeding 
them into something else, but that's not ideal.

The 'surfaceModel' seems to be able to work as an OTL, and export the 
parameters like 'direct_diffuse' just fine, so I'm stuck as to why it 
wont work for me.


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