[Sidefx-houdini-list] in linux moving nodes with shift or ctrl causing crashes.

Robert Kelly isstuff at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 14:30:01 EDT 2011

My workstation just got switched from windows to centos 6 Linux i am using

houdini ver 11.0.775
Platform: linux-x86_64-gcc4.1
OpenGL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
OpenGL Renderer: GeForce GTX 470/PCI/SSE2
OpenGL Version: 4.1.0 NVIDIA 280.13
OpenGL Shading Language: 4.10 NVIDIA via Cg compiler

I have got used to using the interface trick of when you hold down
shift you move all nodes upstream of the node and when you hold ctrl
you move all nodes downstream of the node. In windows i have gotten
into the habit of using this feature. Now in Linux it seams to cause
crashes when i use it. I am not 100% confident that this is the cause.

Anybody have experienced anything like this?

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