[Sidefx-houdini-list] Context-Menu for shelf-entries

Sebastian H. Schmidt sebastian.h.schmidt at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 26 16:59:32 EDT 2011

Hi Guys,

has anybody tried to build a context menu for shelf entries ?
I have a simple submitter script as a shelf button but i'd like to add
some options (different batch-sizes, different pool of machines etc)
to it.
I know i could use the check if ctrl/alt/shift was pressed when
clicking on the shelf but thats quite un-intuitive and only gives me a
fixed number of entries.
I'd rather have something like a context-menu for nodes, but for shelf buttons
I've had a brief look at the .ui files, but the one example we had on
the list the other day just creates a floating window, and the
context-examples for the SOPs (BrushHairLen) i'm unable to load using
the hou.ui.createDialog, and the docs on it are quite sparse

Anybody managed to do something like that ?

Thanks for your help!

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