[Sidefx-houdini-list] Achieving scale with volume sims

andy at andynicholas.com andy at andynicholas.com
Mon Sep 26 05:51:20 EDT 2011

Hi folks,
I've been playing around with pyro and smoke sims recently and I was just
wondering if anyone does anything different when simulating things that are at
vastly different scales, e.g. comparing something like a volcano's pyroclastic
flow, versus, say a mortar hit explosion.  
Obviously there are some more artistically driven things like adding more
vorticity, and slowing it down to achieve a sense of scale, but I'm talking more
from a physically correct point of view.  
>From my experiments so far, it all seems a little arbitrary. One thing I tried
doing was placing all the emitters and colliders under a null and scaling
everything to see how that affects the simulation (and scaling the volume voxel
size at the same time too). It definitely had some sort of effect being at that
larger scale, but quite what it was and whether it had any physical
significance, I have no idea.
Anyway, just thought I'd throw the question out there to see if anyone here had
any insight that might help. Also if anyone has any tips for doing pyroclastic
type simulations, I'd love to hear them! ;)
Thanks a lot,

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