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First you need to setup your environment as per the $HFS/houdini_setup*
scripts - either by using these shell scripts - or creating a python version
that sets the same variables, and then launches Houdini in a subshell.

hython - command line python interpretor with hou module loading. Use
#!/bin/env hython in executable python scripts under *nux

Also of interest: startup scripts for loading python custom modules inside
Houdini: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini11.0/hom/independent

You'd be lucky to get the hou module to load in Maya. These are compiled
python extensions that usually link against different compiled libs. As far
as I know the best you can do is use xmlrpc or a python subprocess with an
env arg to spawn one app from the other.


On 26 October 2011 09:21, Vigneshwar Viswanathan
<vigneshwarv at hotmail.co.uk>wrote:

> Hi,I would like to know how to access hou modules from maya or python
> command line.Would be really cool if someone shows me how to setup.I have
> also followed http://www.sidefx.co...hom/commandline could someone tell
> me- how to source houdini to $HFS path?-do we need to insert the lines in
> the link in a existing file or do we need to create a new file?
> I already tried pasting the hou and other modules such as hrypc and
> houxmlrpc module to the maya script directory and also C:\Program
> Files\Autodesk\Maya2011\Python\Lib\site-packagescopy hou module to this
> directory
> 2)I have also added $HFS/bin to the path in the environment variables and
> also appended the path of 'c:\\Program Files\\Side Effects Software\\Houdini
> 11.0.547\\houdini\\python2.5libs') to sys.path in python command line
> Please help me out.
> Thank you.
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