[Sidefx-houdini-list] Python houdini

Vigneshwar Viswanathan vigneshwarv at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Oct 26 12:21:39 EDT 2011

Hi,I would like to know how to access hou modules from maya or python command line.Would be really cool if someone shows me how to setup.I have also followed http://www.sidefx.co...hom/commandline could someone tell me- how to source houdini to $HFS path?-do we need to insert the lines in the link in a existing file or do we need to create a new file?
I already tried pasting the hou and other modules such as hrypc and houxmlrpc module to the maya script directory and also C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2011\Python\Lib\site-packagescopy hou module to this directory
2)I have also added $HFS/bin to the path in the environment variables and also appended the path of 'c:\\Program Files\\Side Effects Software\\Houdini 11.0.547\\houdini\\python2.5libs') to sys.path in python command line
Please help me out.
Thank you.


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