[Sidefx-houdini-list] ROP asset question

jiversen jiversen at rhythm.com
Tue May 31 15:02:19 EDT 2011

We have tried several methods, no of which are quite ideal yet:

1./  A "Macro" delivery. We have a little subsystem which does an 
automatic "Extract Contents" of HDAs (we call these "Macros"), and in 
this we stick regular Mantra ROP which has it's interface edited and 
parms messed with - along with our own render-queue controlling ROPs. 
This method has had the longest longevity so far but it's really tricky 
to distribute new rendering parameter values to lighters, etc.

2./ A locked HDA with Mantra ROP inside.  This solves the problem above 
of disting new parameter values, but it also makes adding new rendering 
properties difficult because you have to know to unlock the HDA and add 
them to the (probably hidden) ROP inside it. And once you've done this, 
you lose the updating-parameters advantage you're after.

3./ A direct copy of the Mantra ROP using the "opproperty" type of parm 
addition seems like it relies externals files too much and doesn't solve 
the problems above.

SOHO ROPs have the unique traits of having variable #'s of parameters, 
some of them needing overriding by users, some of them better being 
updated by a lighting supervisor, etc. and so it's a bit of a complex 

We have now put together an entirely new "referenced sparse preset" 
system (which is managed by our asset system) which allows us to update 
certain chose parms and these updates are applied upon scene open 
(456.py) -- kinda like a CHOPs override system but can handle all parm 
types instead of just floats.

Edward Lam wrote:
> On 26/05/2011 6:36 PM, Antoine Durr wrote:
>> The issue is that to create an encapsulating layer,
>> you'll need to replicate every parameter on the Mantra ROP into the UI
>> of your OTL. That UI will *not* update automatically when the Mantra ROP
>> underneath changes. You will have to update that by hand, which can be a
>> pain (we ran into that from H10 to H11, and it took us a few months to
>> get around to updating the UI; in the meantime, we had the old UI
>> driving a new Mantra ROP, but without access to the latest bells and
>> whistles brought on by H11).
> As a side note, one can specify specific HDA parameter folders as 
> "imports" from other parameter folders inside. Then rather than 
> painstakingly hand promote all missing parameters, one can invoke 
> "Refresh Imports" to automatically re-promote all the parameters 
> contained in those folders.
> Cheers,
> -Edward
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