[Sidefx-houdini-list] ROP asset question

Mark Elendt mark at sidefx.com
Wed May 25 19:25:38 EDT 2011

If you look on the ROP tile menu, there's a menu entry "Save To
Gallery" (this is available on sub-networks too, or other networks).
If you create a gallery entry, this will show up in the gear menu on
for output drivers of the same type.  All contents, properties, values
etc. will be initialized when the user chooses this...

Personally, because I use both RIB and mantra from time to time, I
have two gallery entries for geometry objects, one with RIB
properties, the other with IFD.

Of course, you can make a shelf tool or other UI to install galleries.

On Wednesday May 25 at 16:11, Andrew Lyons wrote:
> ROPs are kind of tricky because they have to hook into SOHO, and new soho
> properties get added constantly, so keeping otl ROPs up to date quickly
> becomes a nightmare.
> Galleries and presets are one nice alternative to otls. They build UI, set
> values, and can be applied to the latest factory ROPs. You can apply a
> gallery to any ROP node from a button with either a callback on a button or
> a callback on a menu of some sort.
> Cheers
> 2011/5/25 Pablo Giménez <pablogipi at gmail.com>
> > Hi all.
> > I am trying to make awrapper for Mantra, which basically is an OTL than has
> > several Mantra ROPs into it.
> > In the asset there is a parameter that control a switch ROP and allows to
> > set the mantra rop you want to use for the render.
> > I am still working in the asset interface, but I was wondering what happend
> > in a rop otl when you press the render button, how it know what rops from
> > inside the otl render?
> > The Render button appear grey, you can not change it settings in the Type
> > Properties, so you can not change the callback script, the I guess is going
> > to call to all ROPs inside the otl/subnetwork.
> > If this is the case the inly solution is to create a custom Render buttoin
> > where you can specify a callback script that call to the selected
> > ROPs,ratger than all the rops inside.
> > Thanks
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