[Sidefx-houdini-list] Different otl version per node instance

Antoine Durr antoinedurr at gmail.com
Tue May 10 13:27:56 EDT 2011

On May 9, 2011, at 10:12 PM, François Duchesneau wrote:

> Lots of interesting ideas so far but nobody has given an opinion on  
> why it couldn't be possible to make a new feature to allow more  
> than one version at the same time of the same otl definition.

There are already numerous places from which the asset can be  
defined, namely any place on the HOUDINI_PATH, and then there's the  
internal/embedded version, then you have the 'otprefer' on top of  
that to direct which one to really use.  We've gotten nailed more  
times than I can remember by accidentally using incorrect  
definitions.  And this is on a setup where you can only have *one*  
definition per OTL active.  I can easily extrapolate OTL Hell by  
having each node picking its own definition.  So while conceptually  
it seems like a good idea, practically I am extremely skeptical.

But let's say you could, how would you do it?  How would you store v1  
and v2 of your otl?  You'd probably have foo_v1.otl and foo_v2.otl,  
each of which internally defines OBJ_myFoo, let's say.  Now you have  
two OBJects, foo1 and foo2.  foo1 is of type OBJ_myFoo (so optype  
returns OBJ/myFoo).  foo2 is v2 (but optype also returns OBJ/myFoo).   
Now le's make it fun: the storage location for foo_v1.otl is really:


As a user, you have foo1 and foo2, the difference of which is that  
foo2 is:


This is a lot of visual verbiage for differentiating two types, who  
ultimately differ by one character.  Now can you tell the difference  
between these two?



These are two different otls.  It's 2:30am, and your foo is not  
rendering correctly.  Find the problem fast!

-- Antoine

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