[Sidefx-houdini-list] new points at center of poly faces

Rangi Sutton rangi at kanuka.com.au
Wed Mar 30 03:33:36 EDT 2011

add sop.. copy sop with nprims("../PRIM_SRC") in the num copies, and in
translates use prim("../PRIM_SRC", $CY, "P", 0).

Make an asset. Forget about it. Maybe python does this better.

Actually, I think there's an asset in that toolbox that was posted the other
day that does this.

scaling prims to zero does work though.. can be a problem if you have
identical prims.. since they'll fuse.


On 30 March 2011 17:24, Miles Green <Miles.Green at al.com.au> wrote:

> Hi,
>  I need to efficiently get a new point at the center of all my current poly
> faces..
> i'm sure there are multiple ways to do this, but my current method of :
> [input polygons]-->[facet(uniquepoints]->[primitive (scale to 0.001)]->
> [fuse]
> is a little slow..
> any other suggestions appreciated

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