[Sidefx-houdini-list] KDE Hell! Suggestions appreciated ...

Mark Story mstory at xion.org
Tue Mar 1 18:33:45 EST 2011


It was NFS related!  Too long story to relay (read as brain hurt) but 
suffice to say, lockd was playing mind games ... little sucker.

Rebooted file server, looks like it's gonna be OK.

Thanks for the help Mark, at least now I have current drivers ... ;-)


> Hi Mark
> After upgrading the nvidia drivers (which I resisted because everything
> was working fine before this) there was no change. Freaking weird.
> Also installed xcf and gdm. Removed kdm and gdm comes up as the desktop
> mgr now. xcf is nice and light but same symptoms.
> The only thing installed yesterday was a few git utilities, and I do
> think one was git-gui, or gitk (for a GUI based git) otherwise no change
> to any gfx related components.
> Thanks for the tips, anything else is always appreciated.
> Mark
>> Hi Mark,
>> Try re-installing your graphics driver from the installer package. I had
>> a similar problem several months ago with OpenGL when Xorg was updated.
>> After installing the Nvidia driver again, everything went back to
>> normal. Your other option it to try rolling back Xorg (which I did
>> once), but that's riskier.
>> Hope that helps,
>> Mark
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