[Sidefx-houdini-list] wire collision object problems.

eetu at iki.fi eetu at iki.fi
Sun Jul 17 05:59:25 EDT 2011


> I've been throwing some wires about and it's gone really well. Until I
> pour them into a cup and attempt to move said receptacle. Then they
> interpenetrate and eventually fall through (or hang half-way). Which
> means at their destination, they are not in a hurry to pour out. The
> cup IS moving at a decent clip but no matter how I've set up my volume
> collision parameters, the same thing happens time and again.

Just checking, have you tried setting the collision parameters on both the
wire and the cup? is the cup a closed mesh? have you visually checked the
volume representation used for the collision? have you tried upping the
"resolve penetration" parameter (on the cup) from zero?

You probably have, but just to throw something in the air..


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