[Sidefx-houdini-list] nonLinear fluid reTime

Ben Frost benfrost3d at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 05:11:03 EDT 2011

hi all..

I'm looking for anyones opinion regarding a non-linear reTime of a fluid
sim.. and possible approaches to take.. the reTime is quite severe.. going
from 24fps to around 432fps.. so 18 times slower.. and is based on a
particle sim..

at the moment I'm using a brute force method for having the subSteps at 18,
writing out the subFrame for each step.. and then read it back in, and
reTiming.. this works.. but as you can imagine the sim times goes through
the roof a bit.. and change the sim some what.. although it's more accurate
it does create the problem of previewing the simulation at 18 subSteps..
ideally I'd like to simulate at as fewer subSteps as possible.. until i'm
happy with the sim.. and then upRess and bake out subFrames/subSteps..

we've reTimed the particles using the velocities to interpolate and get us
the subFrames needed.. not sure there is a way to interpret this to fluid

and to make things worse.. I've been shown an animatable "sim scale" option
in maya.. which works all too well.. I noticed houdini has the same option
of sim scale, but this is only able to be set at sim start.. just wondering
if this is possible to be manipulated and animate..?

anyway I'd be great to hear your opinions or possible more efficient less
brute force approach..



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