[Sidefx-houdini-list] Proper way to get hardened edge .obj file to Maya/XSI?

Craig Hoffman craigleehoffman at aol.com
Fri Jan 21 14:40:50 EST 2011


 Hi all,

I am currently creating some 3D text that I need to get into Maya or XSI.  It looks great in Houdini and great in Maya/XSI, but doesn't output from those packages to a game engine (UE3) correctly due to the Mesh not being "Combined" (the cusping in the "Facet" SOP causes it to be 3 separate meshes) and using the Hardening groups (or whatever it is called in Maya).

Is there a good way to get geometry from Houdini to Maya or XSI in a way that is interpreted correctly in those packages as one mesh with smoothing/hardening groups so that it exports to UE3 correctly?  Would the "crease" attribute do it?  FBX?

Thanks for any help.

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