[Sidefx-houdini-list] RBD Glue Strength

Sean Lewkiw Sean.Lewkiw at cis-vancouver.com
Wed Jan 19 20:46:53 EST 2011

I'm a bit confused about what "glue strength" defines exactly.

I have a RBD fractured object glued to a null object with a glue strength of 200,000.  Something collides with it, and examining the details tab carefully, (using non-integer frame scrubbing), I can see that the maximum glueimpulse is just under 1000.  I'd expect this bond to not break, but it does.  In order to get the bond to not break, I have to up it to about 300,000.

This is confusing enough, but then when I examine the details view, I see that the glueimpulse value is now 188,000.

So, why does the bond get broken in the first instance?  And why does the glueimpulse value change when I up the glue strength value?  (Is it because the energy that would have been dissipated by the breaking in the first instance is allowed to accumulate due to the relatively low glue impulse half life?)


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