[Sidefx-houdini-list] Rendering boxes with cusped edges and displacements

Sean Lewkiw Sean.Lewkiw at cis-vancouver.com
Tue Aug 23 21:49:43 EDT 2011

I'm pulling my hair out trying to get this to work.

I have a bog-standard box.  I apply a simple shader and render, I get smoothed edges.  Slap on a vertex sop, cusp N, I get faceted edges.  Good.

Apply a displacement using simple turbulent noise in a simple "material shader builder" shader.  Now I get the sharp edges, but the displacement tears.  It looks the same as you get with a unshared points box, only there are no holes.... the holes are just filled with a streaked displacement.

Uncusp the vertex N, it looks nice, but now I have interpolated normals and it no longer looks box-like and shades weirdly at edges.

Am I asking for the moon on a stick to expect this to work?  I need the non-interpolated normals of the cusped version, without the tearing of the cusped version.


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