[Sidefx-houdini-list] MacBook Pro compatibility

Mark Alexander malexander at sidefx.com
Thu Aug 11 00:07:47 EDT 2011

On 08/10/2011 08:25 PM, Ron Schab wrote:
>  From what I remember the openGL drivers for MacOSX are way outdated (unless
> the ones NVIDIA provides fixes this). Meaning no go with all the nice
> viewport enhancements of H11 and even moreso for the upcoming H12.  I don't
> know about the ones for/from ATI/AMD, but I would definitely check on that
> before comitting to an ATI.

The H11 viewport works with ATI cards, but had issues with the Nvidia 
cards until OSX 10.7 was released. I believe anti-aliasing is disabled 
because GL_ARB_texture_multisample is unsupported. However, Apple's 
drivers are a bit lower performance than AMD or Nvidia's own drivers, 
though they are improving.

OSX 10.7 also comes with a new OpenGL 3.2 driver, which bumps them from 
the GL2.1 support they have had for years. They chose to implement the 
core profile of 3.2 however, so I'm not sure how that will play out yet.

> The other big point would be to find out if H12's GPU exelaration is CUDA or
> OpenCL based/optimised.

While H12's GPU acceleration is OpenCL-based, Nvidia cards still hold 
the compute crown over AMD. AMD just hasn't invested quite as much in 
compute yet, though that is also changing with the next-gen AMD 
architecture (2012?).


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