[Sidefx-houdini-list] MRI data / level set grids request

Martin Sawtell martin at msawtell.com
Wed Aug 10 20:04:19 EDT 2011

Hey all, I have a bit of an odd request; I'm hunting around for ideally a
scan of a brain which I can convert into an SDF or combination of volumes in
Houdini. I've actually got some DICOM slices of my own head but the spacing
is >2cm so there aren't really enough to extract a nice volume from it. Then
there is the whole issue of processing the DICOMs to get a nice
representation of densities and different tissue types.

So if offhand anyone knows where to find something (any body
part/animal/cool thing) which I could wrangle a houdini volume from please
let me know. This is for a personal project, not production and will be made
publicly available when I've got it working... It will be a bit of a
surprise what I'm doing with it :D


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