[Sidefx-houdini-list] FLIP'pin out

Craig Hoffman craigleehoffman at aol.com
Thu Aug 4 21:21:14 EDT 2011


 Hi all,

I am creating an animation of a mixed alcoholic drink with multiple different colored liquids pouring into a glass (one at a time) and am using FLIP fluids and everything is working okay.  I am getting pretty good results fairly quickly but can't quite get that last bit to make it feel really realistic, so I have a couple questions:

The amount of liquid that ends up in the glass seems like a lot less than what is poured in- like around half to my eyes.  Maybe it is just an illusion, but I am just going off experience with liquids in real life and how much I expect to be in a glass after a nice thick strong stream pouring in for a couple seconds.  Is there a way to fix/cheat this so that I get a result more like what I expect?  (Didn't think about animating 'particle separation' until now- and I am away from my PC, so haven't tried it yet- though I am not sure if that would work or be stable, etc.)

The liquid is a little too "active" with individual particles going off on their own, etc. and it takes a little too long to settle down.  I started with "0" for both bounce and friction for the liquid and played around with friction settings for a while, but haven't found a setting that makes it really "feel" like real liquid.  Should I venture into viscosity to settle it down quicker- or is that more for thicker fluids than water or alcohol?  

Is there any reference for good FLIP fluid settings for real-world fluids (as well as 'collision object' settings for glass/ice/etc.)?
Lastly, can anyone drop me a hint if I should just table this project until after Siggraph (assuming H12 releases then..) because all of this is so drastically improved/sped up/revolutionized/etc.?   :)

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Craig Hoffman


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