[Sidefx-houdini-list] Input/Output from Parms button?

Oleg Samus oleg at sidefx.com
Thu Aug 4 11:36:35 EDT 2011

Hi Peter,

It sounds like a bug - and I think we've recently also hit that 
internally. We're looking into it, since a button like that, when 
working, would come in very handy in a number of cases. :)

  - Oleg
> Hi,
> On the Input/Output tab of Type Properties for a VOP HDA, there is a
> button that tantalizingly promises "Create/Update Inputs from
> Parameters." This sounds like it could save hours and hours of tedious
> Input creation, since as we know the Inputs page is lacking things
> like tabbing between fields, copying inputs etc. all of which the
> Parameters page offers.
> It sounds like you should be able to create some parameters, then
> click the button and magically have new, correctly named and labeled
> parameters appear. Sadly, when I push the button nothing happens :(
> Curious if anyone knows about this, is there a magic combo to make it work?

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