[Sidefx-houdini-list] Create an ‘Auto-Fence’ asset in Houdini – The Nodes

Alex Czetwertynski alex at franktheplumber.com
Mon Sep 27 11:32:33 EDT 2010

Thanks!  Will definitely check it out.  Keep them coming!

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CgTutsPlus, just recently released my newest tutorial and is for Houdini,

*Create an ‘Auto-Fence’ asset in Houdini – The

is totally based on the old Houdini 5.5 - 6 example fence file, I cover how
build it thinking this will be a tool (HDA)
and in part 2 I'll cover all the HDA creation and interface.

This is not that advanced, but it cover really well the HDA creation
I have another one coming, and that's a bit more complex, all I can say for
now is that it uses particles. :P

If you can please check it out and leave some comments, I wanna keep
making this Houdini tutorials and spread the word about the best 3D app out
there :P

thank you

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