[Sidefx-houdini-list] Instancing in H11

Alex Czetwertynski alex at franktheplumber.com
Tue Sep 21 21:29:56 EDT 2010

Has something changed with regards to instancing in H11?

I'm following some very specific steps to create a light dome, and I can see
this working in files created in earlier versions, but it will absolutely
not work in H11....
Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I basically have a carved Nurbs sphere to which I added a Point SOP pointing
the normals inwards.
I then add the Instance folder to it and put my Light in the "Instance
Object" field.
I can see that the instancing works, but my original light is still clearly
contributing to the scene.  If I turn it off, I don't get any light at all.
I did turn of its display flag, but that does not seem to solve the problem

I tried doing the same thing but using an Instance object instead, as it is
the approach the manual seems to recommend.  But that does not produce any

Here is my source file, if anybody wants to take a look.  If you turn off
the Instance1 and turn on the Dome you will see the two objects being used
for instancing.



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