[Sidefx-houdini-list] Houdini, I love/hate you.

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about  jacob original post about dealing with the code vs art via right vs left 
brain or however you want to phrase it  ... 

I have often run in the question at SIGGRAPH and elsewhere when meeting fellow 
CGers of "are you an artist or a programmer" and when answering "both" get 
strange looks or a degree of dismissal as you must be on or the other.  I really 
think art is about concept and manipulation of a particular medium to achive the 
idea envissioned. Code is just a means to the end.  If you are painting on a 
canvas you are still using the tools at hand to forfull vision. You may stumble 
around the image abit when you use a new brush or go from oil to acrylic or 
whatever, and for many using houdini at first has this stumpling affect. The 
code is another brush in the arsenal, one that you may have not had to use 
before, and although you may be able to use brushes you have before (like menus, 
icons etc..) there are sometime when for proficiency or just capability only the 
new brush (code) will make sense.

Dont get too distraught. If you are pressing a button to make a sphere or typing 
it into the textport -- you are still creating the same sphere. The differance 
is largely you have much more experience with coordinating the thoughts and 
mouse/eyes to accomplish with the button, although you may never seek or get to 
equal experience or proficiency with the code, if you keep at it, when you need 
that brush eventually you can focus on what you are painting again instead of 
what you are painting with, at least to the degree where that tool is required. 
Mixing the two ways of thinking does take some practice, but will definately 
result in greatest proficency.

One can never avoid all code entirely, it would be like working as a roofer and 
hoping not to deal with wood. You may not directly or on a day to day basis 
laying down the roof tiles, but the house is made of wood, and so is literally 
what you are standing on, so its acknowledged that eventually you might have to 
deal with wood in somecapacity, just not to a degree a carpenter does, or the 
construction workers dealing the framing --they come in when the main focus 
becomes that building material instead.

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> > On Sep 14, 2010, at 2:30 PM, John Coldrick wrote:
> >>       I have come to the conclusion that if Houdini were a game, it
> would be called
> >> 'Portal'.  ;)
> >
> > or NetHack ;)
> NetHack would be Prisms.
> For all those old-schoolers out there, when you feel nostalgic do you
> ever name your ops "One Back" and "Two Back", and look at your network
> in list view?
Nah... I just rename the 3D Studio Max icon "action".


(portal... snigger...)
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