[Sidefx-houdini-list] Wacome tablet and field entries

Campbell McGrouther Campbell.McGrouther at rsp.com.au
Mon Sep 13 22:07:46 EDT 2010

Actually on that note, wacom use is incredibly frustrating under linux too.
Carefully hovering with the wacom focus is a strange new skill I have
developed over the past few months.
To enter text in a field I have to hover or lift my pen directly off the
tablet. If I don't do this, often a tooltip appears and steals my focus
while I'm typing away.
And many times I have been typing away, yes looking at the keyboard,
only to find nothing has been entered.
This is using H10.0.528

Thanks Campbell.

Alex Czetwertynski wrote:
> Has anyone noticed (on OSX) that when you a select a field with a Wacom and
> then move your pen away or put it down to enter some values, you loose focus
> on the field?  I constantly have to make sure my pen is properly hovering
> over the field to be able to type in it....Very annoying
> H11.446.9
> Alex
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