[Sidefx-houdini-list] RBD objects : breaking glue with a force ?

François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Wed Sep 8 08:04:33 EDT 2010

Yesterday I had to do some tests with rbd glue object. Here's what I've 

1-Glue can be release only if you have an impact.
2-If you want to animate the glue strength, you must animate it with a 
RBD State with "Glue Strength" set to "Set Always".
3-If you want an object to be unglued you must empty the "Glue Object" 
on the RBD State.

In my case I wanted to have big chunks made of many smaller ones to 
detach from the main object and then later let them break independently. 
The big limitation I've found with the current architecture is that two 
big chunks that are not connected together anymore because of an impact 
will continue their way as if there were invisible thing melding each other.

If anyone has a workaround for this it would be much aprreciated.

To test it you create RBD Glue Object from a a 10X10 extruded grid and 
you push that object to a pole that will split it in two. You'll see the 
what I mean.


ubik.lists at noos.fr wrote:
> Hi,
> I thought glue could be broken with a force only and no actual impact, but it doesn't seem to work.
> I did a simple test :
> I have two objects, box1 and box2, box2 is glued to box1 with glue strength to 0.1 and I apply a strong force (tested with gravity or uniform) only to box2. I would have thought the glue broke in this case but nothing happens.
> I'd be grateful if you have a definitive answer.
> Thanks a lot,
> Vincent
> ps : sorry for the empty message, I forgot to be in plain text format.
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