[Sidefx-houdini-list] Partial Desktop Sourcing

Dan Schneider eyevex at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 1 21:15:24 EDT 2010

I have looked through the list mails and odforce and can't seem to find anything 
on this, but vaguely remember some discussion on it a while back, I could be 
missing something obvious but...

Many Times I have had custom desktop setup, some with floating panes etc... Is 
there any way to source a partial smoo.desk ? So lets sat in the case of a 
floating pane attatched to a desktop setup, i isolated that portion  into a 
smoo.desk snippet of some sort that could re-build that single floater on 
sourcing.  The syntax in these file are so convenient and compact, it seems to 
be a bit of a waste to have to recreate a floater or other element via 
hython/hscript  when it exists so cleanly. I have run into this situation many 
times building custom panes/desktops for specific uses and would save a bit of 
time. Anyone know a way this is possible?


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