[Sidefx-houdini-list] DOP's angular velocity

Louis Dunlevy louisdunlevy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 18:29:27 EDT 2010

Hey Ben,

It may be that you need to add to the existing angvel rather than 
override it? I don't believe you need to incorporate the timestep into 
that unless you're adding point velocities in a sop solver or some 
situation where you can't rely on subframe values being calculated 

Could be wrong though! ;)

On 09/02/10 03:30, Ben Schrijvers wrote:
>    Hi there,
> I've created a RBD path constraint to move objects along a path.
> It's using a RBD Pin Constraint, RBD Angular Constraint and an Empty
> Object Dop to create the goal.
> The Empty Object is inactive and animated along the path with a Point
> Position Dop.
> All works fine as the object follows and orients to the path.
> If the constraints are broken the object flies off using it's inherited
> velocity.
> But the object that flies of doesn't continue it's rotation. I noticed
> that angvel is a very low value.
> So I'm animation the goal now using a Motion Dop and origin() expression.
> This because I believe the Motion Dop calculates angvel.
> But still this is not transfered to the constrained object like velocity
> seems to be.
> I've now got a Motion Dop that overwrites angvel on the constrained
> object until it looses the constraint.
> It basicly references the channels that get calculated on the Motion Dop
> that moves the goal object.
> But I have to multiply the references by $TIMESTEP to get a good result.
> Although it looks good now I'm not sure which values are oke.
> The angvel values of my goal are $FPS higher then the ones on the
> constrained object.
> And why is angvel not just inherited by default in the same way that
> velocity is?
> Or am I doing something wrong??
> cheers,
> benS
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