[Sidefx-houdini-list] PRM_DisableList, how to use it?

Andrew Milne Andrew.Milne at disneyanimation.com
Tue Oct 26 12:14:19 EDT 2010


I had to ask SESI this question myself.  The answer is that you are 
correct, the string is the same as what goes in the Operator Type 
Properties.  I've got this to work.

For example,

#define FOO_NAME "foo"
#define BAR_NAME "bar"

static PRM_Name theFooName( FOO_NAME, "Foo" );
static PRM_Name theBarName( BAR_NAME, "Bar" );
static PRM_DisableList theFooDisable( "{ bar == 0 }" );

And then in your template list,

static PRM_Template theTemplates[] = {
    PRM_Template( PRM_TOGGLE, 1, &theBarName, PRMoneDefaults),
    PRM_Template( PRM_FLT_J, 1, &theFooName, PRMzeroDefaults, 0, 
                            0, 0, 1, 0, &theFooDisable),


Pablo Giménez wrote:
> Uupss seems I have sent this to the wrong address.
> Anyway, if somebody can help .. thanks!
> cheers
> El día 26 de octubre de 2010 15:50, Pablo Giménez
> <pablogipi at gmail.com> escribió:
>> Hi SESI.
>> So far, I am managing the disable/enable iof my parametrrs
>> implementing OP_Parameters::disableParms() .
>> Which is ok, but I have seen thatt in the PTM_Template constructor the
>> last parameter is a PRM_DisableList.
>> and looking to this class, its cosntructro gets a string.
>> I have supposed this is to use the standard disable striings used in
>> the Operator Type Properties for an OTL, isn't it?
>> I have tried to use it in my custom operator but no luck so far.
>> There aren't seem to be any example in the sample code.
>> So would be possible to get an example of how to use PRM_DisableList.
>> Thanks
>> --
>> Un saludo
>> Best Regards
>> Pablo Giménez

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