[Sidefx-houdini-list] DOP's: 20,000+ cube wall

Miles Green Miles.Green at al.com.au
Sun Oct 17 20:05:19 EDT 2010

Doh as text only version:

 we're trying to create huge wall of cubes that collapses after a basic 
collision with a sphere..

The problem is after 20,000 cubes ODE just crashes with a Segfault on 
our 64bit linux v10.5 houdini (it does not seem to be an out of memory 
issue). Looking at a few threads on the forum it seems that others have 
experienced this too.. so currently our workarounds are :

1) to spit the simulation into chunks of columns and reading subsequent 
chunks as passive collision objects, but this has the problem of getting 
the walls to interact with each other properly,  i.e at the sides of 
each column having no bricks to collide with means the cubes are free to 
move without resistance

2) try houdini 11, hope the crashing goes away

3 ) or swap to the open source bullet implementation...  although so far 
with this I find the wall can't self stand, and the bricks seems to push 
each other away (its like they want to move away from each other)

any DOPS guru's out there have any handy tricks up their sleeves..


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