[Sidefx-houdini-list] Hscript: Render verbosity of non mantra jobs

Miles Green Miles.Green at al.com.au
Wed Oct 13 01:35:42 EDT 2010

Sending again as i think I sent as html last time

 We are just setting up our Farm to handle Houdini jobs, and would like 
to get more verbose output from Houdini's non mantra renders

currently the non mantra jobs run on the farm machines via Hscript with 
the render command:

render -V /out/geometry_nodepath/

Unfortunately the Verbose flag isn't that verbose, I've also tried 
adding the flag -a which gives % based output, but what I'm really after 
is all the info you see in an interactive progress bar when you hit 
render followed by some time and memory summaries i.e:

geometry1 frame 121 (121 of 240)   //this is what I currently get (but i 
also want the below)
    solving simulation objects
    performing GAS_Advect
    frame complete:
    Memory Usage : 3.42gb
    Time to complete: 20.2 seconds

is this possible ? to me it seems mantra seems to have levels of 
verbosity but unfortunately non mantra jobs don't   :(

thanks for any help

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