[Sidefx-houdini-list] dragging is anoying

John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Tue Oct 12 13:18:50 EDT 2010

On Friday 08 October 2010 05:40:27 pm Alvaro Castaneda wrote:
> to bad, I can't even create a new material, when I drag it in the material
> Palette, it gets stuck,
> changing desktops doesn't help.

	FWIW, it happens here regularly and I am able to consistently fix it by 
clicking in another pane apart from the one I'm dragging to and from.  It 
might be related to twinview since out of habit I tend to go over to the other 
monitor to do it.  So far, for my card/driver, that kicks it and it behaves 
properly.  Changing desktops seemed to work in the past occasionally, but 
might be a red herring.  I think it's the act of focusing on a third pane 
context that addresses it.



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