[Sidefx-houdini-list] Anyone have a smooth workflow for rotating a gas sim

Premamurti Paetsch premamurti.paetsch at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 05:09:59 EST 2010

Hey Robert,

I might be missing your point here, but what if you do your parent rotation
to axis align your geo pieces and then object merge everything into a new
clean geo node with 'Transform' set to 'Into this object'?
That should transform everything into a clean space which you can feed into
DOP's and finally apply the inverse xform of your SOP's to your sim result
to put it back where it belongs.


On 24 November 2010 05:42, Robert Kelly <isstuff at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a dumb solution for this problem but i hope for a better one.
> Say you have a dust trail that is 150M long, 20M wide and 10M high and
> it is going off on a 45 degree angle. This gas sim needs a 120M, 120M
> by 10M sim box ..... or the hack i have is to parent all the parts
> that go into the sim and rotate them 45 degrees so i only need a  150M
> long, 20M wide and 10M high sim box.
> I found out from support parent fluid doesn't fully work for gas sims
> and other solutions i have come up with seem to need plenty of baby
> sitting as every setting needs to factor in the rotation of the sim.
> So anyone have a better solution?
> Robert.
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